Day 41

A typical vending machine in a small hut. 


Day 43

I pass more and more checkpoints on my way to the coast of Fukushima prefecture. Nature is steadily reclaiming the roads and abandoned buildings. The ghost towns of Okuma and Namie show the immense magnitude of the disaster: collapsed buildings, the destruction by the tsunami and workers in safety clothing near the nuclear plant.

Day 48

I eventually enter the metropolitan area of Tokyo; modern and traditional overlap everywhere I look. The Greater Tokyo Area with over 40 million residents extends beyond the horizon. 

Day 51

I visit this very amusing Cup Noodle Museum on a quick detour to Yokohama. 

Day 52

The route takes me to the famous Mt. Fuji, which can be admired during different seasons and weather conditions. 

Day 56

In the traditional alleys of Kanazawa, I explore samurai residences and in the gardens of Kenrokuen I stroll between cherry blossoms and across small bridges. The garden complex is considered one of the three most famous in Japan.   

Day 57

I make my way towards Kyoto, driving along the coast of Lake Biwa. The different shades of blue blend the calm water with the sky on the horizon.

Day 57

Kyoto holds a variety of temples and shrines, that I can’t possibly visit all. From the traditional alleys of Gion to the bamboo forest in Arashiyama and the endless torii of Fushimi Inari-Taisha.  

Day 58

After a brief visit to Nara, I arrive in Osaka and take a look at the castle and the districts around Dotonbori and Tsutenkaku.