Virtual Roadtrip



Virtual travel as an alternative due to the coronavirus?

With this project, I set off on a journey with Google Street View. In over 80 days I went from the northernmost point in Japan to the islands in the far south. By not being allowed to skip to certain places and therefore simulating a real roadtrip, I was forced to take the smallest backcountry roads and spending hours traversing mountain ranges and vast landscapes. I turned the most interesting moments into a series of works: From illustrations to 3D-visualisations. 

This journal is a collection of my experiences and recordings. Not all of them are finished works and resemble a quick sketch from the window of the moving Google car. 

The described places can be explored by yourself via the embedded Street View window.


Additionally you can place a few of the 3D-models in your room or on your table. With a compatible smartphone, the free app „Adobe Aero“ will automatically open up after scanning the provided QR code.










The Route

Day 1

The journey begins at the northernmost point of Hokkaido. On clear days you can see the Russian island of Sakhalin on the horizon, just 43km off the coast.

Along the coastline I come across small fishing villages, whose existence relies entirely on the ocean. Boats anchor on the shore and seaweed dries next to the road and between clothes.

Day 4

Repeating patterns become apparent: Arrows above the roads for better orientation during the winter months and these small vehicles.



The annual winter festival in Asahikawa can be explored by foot. Hundreds of snowmen and sculptures line the paths.

Day 5

I continue my journey through the hilly landscapes of Biei and Furano, known for their colorful fields. 

Day 8

Every once in a while I come across these barriers at construction sites. It seems like each time I pass by road works, a new set of animals appear


Day 11

These vending machines can be found in the most remote areas. There is roughly one machine for every 23 people.

Day 15

After exploring Hokkaido’s largest city Sapporo, I make my way down to the volcanic region around Lake Shikotsu.

Day 19

The conical Yotei-zan shares similarities with Mt. Fuji and always changes its appearance while driving past, depending on the season.

Day 21

I eventually arrive in the coastal city of Hakodate in the southern regions of Hokkaido. This city was a major trading hub back in the days, still holding a large variety of western architecture and churches.

Day 22

The ferry is already waiting at the dock, ready to leave Hokkaido. Off to the main island of Honshu…

Day 25

Traversing the remote areas of northern Honshu, I pass by Aomori and arrive in Hirosaki. The ever-present volcano Iwaki sits above picturesque roads, winding through thousands of apple trees.

Day 27

While walking the shores of Lake Towada, I spot this small shrine on a little island.

Day 28

The hot springs of Tamagawa-onsen are a popular site due to a radioactive stone that can be found here. I discover more and more people lying on the rocks while walking the footpath.

Day 29

I drive along the coast of Lake Tazawa and come across this shrine on the water.

Day 34

In Haguro-san I walk on hiking trails through beautiful forests and past small shrines and this almost 700-year-old pagoda.

Day 36

The snow is piling up in the cozy spa town of Ginzan. I spot people on the roofs, shoveling snow off the buildings.

The street view images are also a specific moment in time. 

Have the places changed over time? 

Do the people I pass along the road still exist? 

These mirrors are a recurring motive.


Day 37

Fall colors are a common sight on this trip. The ever changing seasons are one advantage of this type of travel experience.

The temple Ryushaku-ji lies on top of a mountain and rewards me with a stunning view of the surrounding valleys.

Day 38

The so-called „snowmonsters“ of Mt. Zao are formed by harsh Siberian winds and can be explored by foot.  

Day 40

I arrive in the major city of Sendai and roam the streets searching for the best moments to capture, just like on a real trip.