The Madeira Tapes

A short collection of moments from a trip to the island of Madeira, Portugal


The goal of this project was to showcase the abilities of a mobile orientation aid for blind people in a real-world environment. Smooth gimbal shots, combined with graphical overlays describe the intended use and the technology inside the device.

Diploma project: Lukas Hartz // Support: Luise Kempf // Video: Jan Kloke

Transcendence - The Flow Experience

A video about flow and new techniques for self-filmed videos. Flow is one major aspect of mountainbiking. This video expresses the phenomenon through different filmmaking methods and animation. To bring the static self-shot scenes alive, I used After Effects to create 3D compositions, which result in pans, zooms or slider-movements. The frame-by-frame animations further convey the feeling of flow, through fluent lines and motion.

Backpacking Asia - Singapore

I spent 6 weeks in Asia, solo-backpacking through Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. This is what I experienced in the amazing city of Singapore.


Riding my bike on a rainy day.