Day 60

Via Kobe I continue my  journey to Takeda. The castle ruins remind me of Machu Picchu and can be visited during amazing weather conditions: The warm sun peeks right over the surrounding mountains and the ruins seem to be floating above a thick layer of clouds.  

Day 61

The dunes of Tottori offer a great panorama.

Day 63

Passing the peace memorial in Hiroshima, I make my way down to Miyajima, which I reach after a quick boat trip. The colossal Itsukushima Shrine can be admired up close during low tide.

Day 65

After around 1.5 months on the island of Honshu, I eventually arrive in Kyushu, the last one of the main islands. The climate is visibly getting warmer: Numerous palm trees line the roads and I spot surfers in the water on my drive along the east coast.   

Day 71

Cape Sata marks the southernmost point of the main islands. From here I head down to the smaller islands of the Ryukyu archipelago. Each one of them seems to have its very own character. Palm gardens, beautiful beaches and mangroves can be found here.

Day 84

After over 80 days on the road, I reach the southern tip of Hateruma and with it the end of this journey. From the cold regions in the north near Russia to the subtropical islands near the coast of Taiwan, I have experienced and captured a lot of interesting moments. Even though the navigation can be quite tedious at times and a good amount of patience is required, the overall journey was an experience in itself and can be seen as an interesting alternative to a real trip.

Additionally I received several souvenirs directly from Japan. Thank you to:

Mitsuhiro Abe, Yamagata Technical High School
Mai Takagawa, Ishikawa Prefectural Government
Naoko Ishikawa, Akita Tourism Federation
Rusutsu Resort, Hokkaidō
Yoko Sasaki, Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art
United Nations University Tokyo
Tokyo Tourist Information Center
Japanische Fremdenverkehrszentrale